Table of contents

Before you start

1. Getting started

  • Your GoodData workspace
  • Loading the data
  • Create your first insight
  • The data model
  • Saved metrics
  • Filter variables
  • What's next?
  • 2. Model refactoring

  • Before you start
  • Adding more data sets
  • Refactoring of data model
  • Querying multiple tables
  • 3. Advanced metrics

  • Simple aggregation locking
  • More aggregation locking
  • Advanced aggregation locking
  • Ranking filters
  • What's next?
  • 4. Upload your file

  • Select your workspace
  • Review your data
  • Upload your CSV file
  • What's next?
  • Your GoodData workspace

    First, you need a project workspace - a dedicated instance of GoodData.

    A workspace is an analytical environment for your end users. This is where you upload prepared data, and where you and your users create metrics, share data visualizations and dashboards, create ad hoc analyses, and perform certain administrative tasks.

    If you have created a trial account, we have created an empty workspace for you. Open in your browser and select a workspace named “GoodData Tutorial”. Later in the tutorial you will learn about other options how to create GoodData workspaces from your web browser or programmatically.

    If you are an existing GoodData customer using a non-trial account, you may want to create a new workspace:
    • Open your GoodData URL (typically in the form of https://<customer>.<region> and ensure you are logged in
    • Open the administrative “gray page” at https://<customer>.<region>
    • Pick a name for your workspace (first text field) and copy your authorization token into the last text field.

    We will start with the simplest use case: building an analytic application on top of one data file.

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