Table of contents

Before you start

1. Getting started

  • Your GoodData workspace
  • Loading the data
  • Create your first insight
  • The data model
  • Saved metrics
  • Filter variables
  • What's next?
  • 2. Model refactoring

  • Before you start
  • Adding more data sets
  • Refactoring of data model
  • Querying multiple tables
  • 3. Advanced metrics

  • Simple aggregation locking
  • More aggregation locking
  • Advanced aggregation locking
  • Ranking filters
  • What's next?
  • 4. Upload your file

  • Select your workspace
  • Review your data
  • Upload your CSV file
  • What's next?

    Platform Trial

    Welcome to the GoodData platform tutorial! We are going to guide you through the following steps:

    • Creating a free GoodData trial account (see below)
    • Uploading a data file
    • Instantly generate visual insights using drag and drop tools
    • Nest metric formulas into powerful and easy-to-maintain computation logic
    • Refactoring a data model without breaking existing insights
    • Learn about our SDK’s and automation
    • … and last but not least, test out all of the above with your own data.

    The tutorial takes approximately 60 minutes. For your convenience, we compressed the key points in the following short animation:

    If you are interested in seeing how analytics can be seamlessly added into your application, try our Embedded Analytics Trial.

    Before you start

    If you haven’t done so already, get access to the GoodData platform by clicking the button:

    If you are a GoodData customer, you can use your existing GoodData account information (username, password, URL and authorization token) in the tutorial steps below.
    You have already created your trial account. Now let's continue to the next section.

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