Deliver powerful analytics to business users
With highly efficient query language, a resilient logical data model, and unique distribution of compute power, you can easily build and deliver actionable insights to all your customers and partners.
Highly reusable MAQL metrics keep everyone productive
Metrics that work across insights, instead of one-time SQL queries for every report.
One MAQL metric replaces hundreds and thousands of custom SQL query scripts with metric
nesting, clear lineage, business semantics, and context-aware execution.
With less query code, it's easier to write and maintain few lines of MAQL than it is with many lines of SQL.
Assemble a new metric from existing ones quickly, and avoid building another one-off SQL query.
Easy to Change
Need to change your existing Revenue metric and add tax? Simply change the Revenue metric, and MAQL takes care of all derived metrics.
Write in business terms, with no joins or group statements, so the business semantics are clear to everyone.
Get more insights with fewer context-aware metrics
Break the one-query-per-insight pattern
Context-aware metrics
Use just one metric to let users slice or filter context-aware metric any way they need--without changing any query code.
Business metrics
Author and document one set of context-aware business metrics, instead of millions of scattered queries.
Easy to change
Change core metrics in one place, instead of changing every insight and its query definitions.
Slimmer, more manageable backlog
Enable business users to create insights on their own, so you can focus on adding new data, creating common metrics, and executing high-impact tasks.
Changing context works for users out of the box, no need to involve data engineer or analyst to write or change insight query.
Connect new datasets without breaking existing insights
A resilient logical model makes data changes fast and easy
Impact of changes
Changing a data model doesn’t impact any insights, even those that your users created.
More productive than SQL
Add or split model dimensions and facts or change relationships from one central location for all insights.
For all your tenants
Make your changes and roll them out to 10 or 1,000 tenants at once.
When you need to change the data model in GoodData, there’s no need to rewrite every single insight query, correct joins, group by statements or apply other SQL tricks.
Key benefits
Multi-dimensional analysis made easy
  • Powerful and intuitive MAQL query language
  • Reusable business metrics
  • Drag-and-drop insight creation
See the MAQL
Build programmatically or visually
  • Choose between API, SDKs, or visual tools
  • Customize data visualizations that fit your app design
  • Get CI/CD integration when you need it
Explore GoodData API & SDKs
Get analytic insights in any form
  • Embedded insights, interactive dashboards, and personalized recommendations
  • Analyze or export data
  • Directly access insight data and use it in your analytic application
Dashboards, insights, and self-service
More insights with less effort
  • Underlying logical data model
  • Reusable, context-aware metrics
  • Change management for all tenants
Learn more about model concepts
Fewer custom report requests
  • Safe environment for business users
  • Guided self-service insight discovery
  • Shared semantic layers
Learn more about Analytical Designer
Govern your data and semantics
  • Model and reusable metrics instead of custom SQLs
  • Report lineage for impact analysis
  • Usage and access monitoring
Learn about semantic layers

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