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Powerful analytics at enterprise scale
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Powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use analytics
Highly reusable, context-aware metrics for effortless insight creation and refactoring. Build and deliver analytics to all your customers and partners.
An infographic about data transformation to an insight.
Interactive analytical applications with GoodData.UI
Quickly create and evolve interactive data analytics applications that are tailored to the needs and specifics of your users. Explore an open-source JavaScript library designed with productivity, extensibility, and developer friendliness in mind.
GoodData.UI - A powerful JavaScript library for building analytical applications.
Data preparation and distribution at scale
Ingest any data from any source. Use orchestrated SQL statements and machine learning to transform data into analytic models. Distribute data to private workspaces dedicated to each of your customers. Do it all in a fully automated way with GoodData’s serverless cloud—full monitoring and control included.
An infographic about data preparation and distribution at scale with GoodData.
Programmable at every level
Everything in the user interface (and much more) is addressable via our REST APIs. For convenience, use SDKs for major programming language. Create an analytic workspace, update data models on the fly, run an analytic query, or start a background task with a single line of code.
An infographic about programmability of GoodData.
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