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CloudConnect FAQs

How to download and install CloudConnect?

Fill in the form on Developer Portal and download the complete package. All you need to do is to have JAVA installed and unpack the CloudConnect package.

What is the minimal hardware configuration to run CloudConnect?

We suggest to use CloudConnect on the machine with at least 2GB memory RAM. You may have performance problem when running complicated processes with the memory < 2GB.

How can I create GoodData project from CloudConnect?

To create an empty project, you need authentication token. If you are already GoodData customer, you should have your own production token. If you are new to CloudConnect & GoodData, you can register and use the 60 days evaluation token.

How can I update CloudConnect to the latest version?

CloudConnect is updated automatically via update site. You should have it set up when you download CloudConnect. Everything that you need to do is to run software update and restart CloudConnect. If your installation is not update properly, try to use steps in this manual.

I have re-deployed the graph. Is there any change in user permissions?

If you re-deploy the Data Loading Process, the effective user (the user that the ETL executes under) of all related schedules is changed to the user that re-deployed the ETL process.

Cannot open the Welcome page directly in CloudConnect?

In some cases, the CloudConnect Welcome page is not shown correctly. This is mainly on some Linux distribution with Mozilla like browsers as default browser. Find out more information about this incompatibility here

Is there any limit on CloudConnect Project Deploy?

Yes, the limit is 1MB for archive (.zip) that is uploaded to the server.

What does "Security certificate not installed" error while Logging in to CloudConnect

If this problem happens, it seems that you are trying to connect to the server where untrusted security certificate is installed. This should not appear so feel free to contact us at

Is there any limitation on number of columns in GoodData dataset?

Yes. There is a limitation of 250 columns for each dataset.


What is the Extensible Analytics Engine?

The Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE) is GoodData’s latest innovation – a brand new computational engine that further advances GoodData’s reporting capabilities. XAE introduces a number of new features in addition to query performance optimizations. Now users can carry out more complex queries in even less time.

How can I ensure my GoodData projects are running on XAE?

We’ve got you covered. As part of a long-term effort to seamlessly introduce XAE to all of our customers, we’ve migrated all projects to XAE in small batches – all while performing large-scale compatibility testing to avoid service interruptions.

What new features have been introduced with XAE?

With the introduction of XAE comes a number of new highly-requested features, which can be leveraged by adding any of our newly supported MAQL expressions to a metric’s definition. New features include exception reporting (NULL handling), conditional reporting (IF-ELSE and CASE expressions), advanced ranking (including percentage ranking and ranking within groups), date attribute arithmetics, and new running total functions.

How do I create a new project on XAE?

All new projects are set to run on XAE by default.

Do I need to modify any of my current metrics?

No, existing metric definitions are fully compatible with the new query engine! XAE brings extended functionality through new MAQL expressions, which may be added to existing metrics’ definitions, but no action is required of the user to continue using existing metrics.

Where Can I find any documentation?

We are building solid documentations around XAE. You can check it here:
- MAQL Reference Guide
- XAE Product Introduction
- Developer’s advanced guides


Data Types

data type form note
VARCHAR (N)   N (1..255)
DECIMAL (M,D)   M min(-1e+15) max(1e+15), D max = 6
INT   min(-2147483648) max(2147483647)
BIGINT   min(-1e+15) max(1e+15)
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