REST Based Notifications

Jiri Tobolka

One of the newest features of our Platform is REST Based Notifications. Till today we had supported other notification methods like email, Chatter or Twilio, but now we can pass a custom payload to your REST API.

Now, imagine a situation. You have your own company messaging system that you want to leverage. Or you want to send some information from GoodData to your System. This makes a lot of sense when talking about integration use cases, right? Let’s say you have the API in your system and need to send some payload (i.e. “Data has been loaded for Project XYZ” or “Project Status : OK”). Your API will get this payload and do something based on the value.

Our latest capability allow you to leverage all features you had till today plus sending the information to any REST resource. How does it work? Simple. For technical information please check out these articles.

Notification Channel

REST channel with your API endpoint. Go to the

See the example when you use our Grey Pages to create a new channel:

REST notifications

For technical information please check out these articles:

  1. Setting up the Notifications using API
  2. CloudConnect Project (ETL Framework) Notification
  3. GoodData API Documentation

Enjoy playing with this GoodData FUNctionality!

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Jiri Tobolka Jiri Tobolka works as Developer Evangelist at GoodData and helps people use and build on the top of the GoodData Platform. He is using GoodData since the 2009. In the free time, Jiri enjoys action sports like kiteboarding or skiing.

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