Pushpins for Geo Data Maps

Jason Meketa

“A metaphor for good information design is a map. Hold any diagram against a map and see how it compares.” - Edward Tufte

With GoodData release 95, Geo Chart users can display data on a map as pushpins, with locations determined by GPS coordinates.

What are some of the things you can you do with these new pushpins?

• Add a layer with pushpins (defined by latitude/longitude of the location) to the Geo Chart that can be switched on/off
• Hover over pushpins to display tooltips that provide more info about the pushpin
• Color code across a single-color gradient scale to indicate the magnitude of a metric value

The Story Of Sally

Sally is a Revenue Analyst for a Northeastern US-based hotel chain. She plays an important role in the company’s business growth by helping maximize revenue and bringing attention to any issues regarding accounting, business procedures or finances. She needs to be able to slice and dice revenue metrics in a variety of ways to be able to make decisions and promote new ideas for improving the business. Compelling data visualizations save her time by representing the data in ways that tell her a story.

Sally gathers the longitude and latitude values for all of their hotel locations from Google Maps. She adds this data to all of the other information about these hotels into GoodData. The hotels are now visible from afar as pushpins on the Geo Chart– Sally is able to quickly identify the daily revenue performance of all of the hotels in the company, and how those numbers might relate to the geographic location of the hotel. She zooms in on the map below in various areas. Suddenly, it’s clear: hotels on the water make more money than those that aren’t. She needs to get this to management, STAT!

Map of NorthEast United Stated
Hotel locations with revenue weighted pins

You don’t have to be a revenue analyst in the travel and hospitality vertical like Sally to take advantage of this new reporting feature. There are many great uses for pushpins on Geo Charts, whether you’re looking to identify the number of visitors at retails stores, where there are available real estate properties (and why they might be available), or plot the number of business prospects by location– the possibilities are endless.

By turning your geographical data into pushpins with a few clicks in the GoodData application, you can visualize your metrics on a Geo Chart in ways that you have previously only imagined.

More Information

For all of the information you’ll need to get started with pushpins, see GoodData’s R95 release notes and an article on configuring geo pushpins.

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