Percentiles in GoodData MAQL

Michael Stencl

A short time ago we received great feedback from some our clients about computing percentiles via the available RANK function in our GoodData MAQL.

Since the solution was not perfectly intuitive, we’ve decided to enhance our GoodData MAQL by creating a native optimized PERCENTILE function. See the current suggested percentile computation via ranking function below.

    MAX(  ( SELECT Full resolution time in minutes by Ticket Id 
    WHERE BOTTOM(90%) OF (Full resolution time in minutes) ) )

After the December 10th, the scheduled release date for release 97.1, you will just need to write the following MAQL query.

SELECT  PERCENTILE(Full resolution time in minutes, 90%)


SELECT  PERCENTILE(Full resolution time in minutes, 0.9)

Both of these MAQL queries will return you the same result. Want to learn more? Check out the Reporting section or the R97 Release Notes.

We thank you for inspiring us to continually improve our product!

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Michael Stencl Michael Stencl is a product manager at GoodData for analytical backend (eXtensible Analytical Engine, Data-warehouses, etc.). Passionate advocate of data and predictive analysis in different application domains. Michael has an PhD in data analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms.

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