PDF Landscape For The Export API

Michael Stencl

We have to say FINALLY! But the latest addition to the export API (with R98 release) brings you the option to change the page orientation in the PDF export from default portrait to landscape. But wait that is not all! It also allows you to optimize it for tabular exports (only optimization for now).

Available on https://secure.gooddata.com/gdc/exporter/executor/

What does the optimization mean? Simply put, if you export your nice looking report to a PDF file the exporter will sometimes crop certain items like the labels on the header of the report, the labels of the attribute elements, or the text you see on each row. Let’s say we have a report with 10+ metrics and it is sliced by one attribute filtered on a specific year. The portrait PDF export without optimization will crop some labels. See the column header on the Non-Optimized Export Example on the following screenshot. The Optimized Export Example shows you when the optimizer is enabled.

Optimize Exports

So, if we choose the optimized view, the exporter will automatically optimize the width of each column based on the maximal width of label in header, or maximal width based on the value in the same column. To use the remaining free space more effectively, we can easily double click on the header of each column and shorten the name of each metric just for this report. Using this trick, we can easily put more metrics on a single page and even maximize this effect by changing the page orientation to landscape, like on the following example.


And guess what you can expect soon in the application UI?

UI feature

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