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Jason Meketa

You may have noticed that we upgraded our developer forum last week!

The new forum was implemented using Stack Overflow. You may be asking yourself… why use Stack Overflow instead of having a corporate owned forum?

The answer simply… is YOU!

By utilizing the popular public-facing developer community web site we are able to make it easier for you to…

  • Search for answers to your GoodData questions using popular search engines
  • Post a question without having to create a GoodData specific login
  • Answer questions in a well-known and appreciated technology

Using The Forum

Some Guidelines

The goal of the forum is to provide an environment in which all community members can freely ask and answer questions about the GoodData platform. It is to this end that we encourage all posts to be both honest and respectful to others. We encourage everyone to follow Stack Overflow’s behavior expectations.

Getting Started

Participation in the forum requires a Stack Overflow account. Creating an account is free and you can use single sign-on with certain popular social sites. Feel free to provide as much user account information as you wish.

Posting A Question

The easiest way to post a question is to use the yellow button in the upper right of the forum page. The button will automatically apply the “gooddata” tag to the question so that it will appear in the list on the page and be seen for answering. Feel free to add other relevant tags when posting questions. Be sure to be thorough when asking your question. If it is relevant, please explain in detail what you have tried and what the results were.

NOTE: If you are posting a question directly in Stack Overflow without using our forum page, make sure you apply the “gooddata” tag to the question.

Answering A Question

Try to be detailed but concise when answering questions. If certain necessary details were omitted from the question you can feel free to ask for them.

Other Stuff

We encourage community members to leverage the Stack Overflow gamification features. Offer bounties! Vote for answers!

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We hope you enjoy the new developer forum. Start participating today!

About The Author

Jason Meketa Jason Meketa is a product manager at GoodData focused on developer community. He has 15+ years of software experience. Jason graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in Computer Engineering. He enjoys traveling, food and wine, poker, sports, and rock concerts.

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