Looking forward to the DataWeek Hackathon

Jiri Tobolka

As you probably know, we love hackathons! If there is a place where new cool things are getting done fast, it is on hackathons. We had our internal AllData Hackathon earlier this year and we are now really looking forward to be part of the DataWeek Hackathon.


It is gonna be great weekend and we have a lot of things to show you. The challenge of this hackathon is:

“solve a global problem in an innovative way”

Since we are data geeks, we can’t wait to hack some open data with you finding interesting patterns and validating hypothesis.

We will help you to leverage our open platform by granting you free access to it.

Open Platform

Still not sure? Just get a ticket, it’s free for developers! See you on Saturday.

About The Author

Jiri Tobolka Jiri Tobolka works as Developer Evangelist at GoodData and helps people use and build on the top of the GoodData Platform. He is using GoodData since the 2009. In the free time, Jiri enjoys action sports like kiteboarding or skiing.

Twitter @jirtob   Email jiri.tobolka@gooddata.com

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