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Michal Manak

NOTE: The Data Loading Administration has been superseded by the Data Integration Console. DLA will be available until September 2014, after which it will no longer be accessible.

Year ago, we’ve released GoodData Data Loading Administration for you. This application allows you to manage your data loading processes.

Since then you have been using this app and we’ve got many ideas and suggestions for improvements. We started with improving the app for you to be more efficient while managing and tracking data loads.

Now, you can see the preview of what will be released soon. Check out all great new features that Data Loading Administration 2.0 will give you.

Easier orientation in the projects structure

Currently, you can see only processes you manage in the current application. You do not see them organized by GoodData Projects. This is what you are missing mostly.

Since 2.0, you will be able to manage your data loads by GoodData Projects in the new application in the same way as you are used to from Dashboards.

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Projects list offers different view, e.g. filtering options, paging and set up of the view for your own needs.

Every project will have its own page on which you will see all data loads within the project and from which you will be able to manage the data loads. You will see all processes and scheduled execution within the project on a separate page.


Faster managing of multiple projects at once

If you had managed many projects and some of them failed to upload data, you would have restarted every data loading process separately. The same applies to cases when you want to send information about a status of data loads to your email, deploy one data loading process into multiple GoodData projects, etc.

You will be able to manage multiple projects at once, e.g. for these cases:

  • Restart, stop or execute uploading data manually.
  • Add new notification which will be sent to one email address or delivered to one REST API end-point.
  • Deploy one data loading process into multiple projects at once.
  • Add custom metadata about customers into multiple projects at once.


Managing of many projects will be more easier for you in the new version.

Easy tracking of the current state of data uploading

The goal of GoodData Data Loading Administration is to offer a tool for easy and efficient tracking of your data loads. Therefore, we have designed a new homepage on which you will be able track all data loads by these statuses:

  • Failed,
  • Running,
  • Scheduled,
  • Successful.


The new homepage will offer a simple overview for tracking the current status of data loads.

You will immediately see projects where data was not uploaded, projects where data is uploading right now, etc. Depending on your current needs.

Track data loads in your own application

For a while, you can use the REST notifications for tracking data loads. Unfortunately, through the grey pages only.

Our plan is to add this feature to the new version. You will get a possibility of easy tracking your data loads within your own application, e.g. Splunk or any communication channel which supports REST API.


Faster search for specific projects

The only way how to filter or search in processes in the current application is by 4 statuses: all, scheduled, running and unscheduled.

Since you need to manage your projects from multiple perspectives, you will be able to add a custom metadata to your projects, such as information about:

  • Customer - his name and tier (e.g.: premium, VIP)
  • Responsible person for data loads
  • Time until which data must be uploaded - the SLA.
  • Project mode - production, development and testing

And many more criterias which will make tracking and managing your data loads more easier.

These custom information will allow you to set your own filters for list pages. And you will be able to find specific projects that you need to care of faster.

Track data loads from the Manage section

We want to offer the most efficient tools for the most precise business decisions based on your data.

Therefore, we will integrate GoodData Data Loading Administration more tightly with the Dashboard application. You will be able to manage your data loads from the Manage section and everything within one UI.

In the Manage section, you will find information about uploading data.

For managing multiple projects at once, you still will be able to use the standalone application.

Shorter waiting time for loading information

Slow loading and showing of information about data loading processes is one of the cons in the current version. Therefore, we invested a lot of time to increase the performance of the new version.

Try the new app!

We are expecting that you would be able to try the new app in the beginning of April. You can already look forward to following features: Project based application structure.

  • Better performance.
  • Bulk operations.
  • The Overview page as the new homepage.
  • New notifications types.

We will be adding new features continuously to let you use new things without waiting for a major release.

We hope that you like the new version. Please, feel free to provide any feedback, ideas for improvements and whatever you find interesting about the new version. For these cases, let us know on by sending email to We really appreciate any feedback!

About The Author

Michal Manak Michal Manak is a UX Designer at GoodData for data loading tools. He joined GoodData in the 2013 to help build the best Data Analytics Platform. He enjoyes coding and designing websites, playing soccer and running.

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