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Jiri Tobolka

Hey, data analysts!

Listen up. We know you are extremely busy utilizing all those Metrics, Reports and Dashboards to uncover the greatest secrets in your data. We are always thinking about how to make your life easier. I think that MAQL is a simple evidence of this approach. You are able to reuse metrics and put them to different context easily!

Today, I would like to share one “not so well known feature”. Have you ever tried clicking on the footer link shown below?


Did you say “No”?! Well try it now! We have a set of keyboard shortcuts that make your life easier and save time clicking and loading multiple pages. I’ll give you an example. You are on a dashboard thinking about creating new metric. Normally you go to Manage page -> Metrics -> Create New Metric …What about just pushing two buttons? The “C+M” shortcut will take you directly to the Metric Editor. Just click the “C” and the “M” key at the same time or back-to-back while in the GoodData application. Easy right? Powerful!


It is small feature that certainly delights. Do you like it? Do you already know all shortcuts by heart? Let us know!


About The Author

Jiri Tobolka Jiri Tobolka works as Developer Evangelist at GoodData and helps people use and build on the top of the GoodData Platform. He is using GoodData since the 2009. In the free time, Jiri enjoys action sports like kiteboarding or skiing.

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