Introducing GoodData Javascript SDK

Petr Volny

You probably already know that we’ve released the Ruby SDK for developers who love Ruby and want crush it using GoodData Platform.

Today, we are announcing another open source project that aims to provide better experience using GoodData Platform. GoodData JS SDK is a thin wrapper of our REST API that should enable Javascript savvy users to develop their own solutions leveraging our open platform. It makes it easy to login and performing basic operations on your projects.

How it works

Our goal is to provide you with tools that will make using and extending our Analytics Platform as seamless as possible. For example, logging in programmatically is as easy as calling one JS function. Code snippet follows:

gooddata.user.login(user, passwd).then(function() {
    // Logged in
    // Do your stuff here
    // Any subsequent call here is authorized

When you are logged in, computing ad-hoc reports is as easy as calling:

gooddata.execution.getData(projectId, elements).then(function(dataResult) {
    // Handle the result here

where elements parameter is an array of an array of attributes or metric labels and the dataResult returned in the callback function is a simple structure of headers and data representing a table with computed values.


We’ve launched a microsite to support this SDK where we will be posting content that will help you better understand how this works. For a complete documentation see the JS SDK reference guide

Note that we are releasing the SDK under the Alpha label to indicate this is still work in progress and the API may change. The goal is to get early feedback from the community.

For some further examples see the examples folder of the related github repository.

If you are missing something, simply let us know! You can send email to or use your favourite Social channel (we are tweeting as @gooddata_dev).

What’s next? The Visualization SDK. Imagine your super crazy visualization that you are missing in our Platform. With this next SDK it will become reality!

About The Author

Petr Volny Petr Volny is a passionate Front-end SW Engineer at GoodData working with various parts of our code base including visualizations, geo charts, new data discovery capabilities and now the new SDKs. He wrote his first computer program in BASIC when he was five years old.

Twitter @PetrVolny   Email

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