GoodData at San Francisco DeveloperWeek

Jiri Tobolka

We are super happy to announce that we will be a sponsor of DeveloperWeek next week!

DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference & Expo in San Francisco (February 15 – 21) is the first dev conference that invites thousands of developers not just to learn new skills – to build new apps, startups, and product features within one week.


We will have a Booth (location E6) in the Expo Hall located at the Terra Gallery. We will be there to learn some of the latest development techniques, share GoodData platform knowledge, and to talk with anyone interested in talking shop with us. The schedule for the expo is Tuesday, February 18th from 11AM to 5PM and Wednesday, February 19th from 9AM to 5PM.

In addition to our booth we will be presenting on the main stage of the Expo at 1PM on Tuesday, February 18th. Jeff Morris, VP of Product Marketing at GoodData, will present “Building an Open Business Intelligence Platform” in which he will discuss the approach that GoodData is taking to build the most open, secure, and scalable business intelligence platform in the world.

You can register for DeveloperWeek here!

We look forward to seeing you there. Please come by and say “Hi”!

About The Author

Jiri Tobolka Jiri Tobolka works as Developer Evangelist at GoodData and helps people use and build on the top of the GoodData Platform. He is using GoodData since the 2009. In the free time, Jiri enjoys action sports like kiteboarding or skiing.

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