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Jiri Tobolka

Let me share few insights and what we did on DataConf. It was great event where a lot of data analysts and also data science students shared their knowledge and experience.

Our goal was to challenge ourself and do BI Project live implementation within one hour which was the time we had for the presentation. In reality, we had just 42 minutes to implement something that makes sense.

We used the Ruby SDK and basically mashing up two data sources - Twitter with tweets based on conference hashtag (#dataconf14) and our Coffee statistics (how many GoodCoffees people consumed during the day). It was fun.

live demo

You can download the example from Github.

In the end we had a dashboard and from what we heard people liked it. We would like to thank to DataConf organizers for their support and great event.

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Jiri Tobolka Jiri Tobolka works as Developer Evangelist at GoodData and helps people use and build on the top of the GoodData Platform. He is using GoodData since the 2009. In the free time, Jiri enjoys action sports like kiteboarding or skiing.

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