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Alon Bartur

This past fall, GoodData announced our new BizData Monetization strategy. Crucial to the strategy is our BashMarketplace, a collection of pre-built business analytics mashups called GoodData Bashes. To date, we have announced our GoodSales, GoodMarketing, GoodSubscription, GoodSupport, and GoodSuccess Bashes that cover areas around which we have deep vertical expertise: sales, marketing, subscription, support, and customer success analytics. While we are continuing to create our best in class Bashes, there are many verticals that we will never acquire or build a deep knowledge base or expertise in. On top of this, even something as pervasive as sales analytics is extremely nuanced and can have many different ‘flavors’ based on business type, sales methodology, and source system. That’s where our GoodPartners come in.


Our partners play a crucial role in realizing our goal of ensuring that customers can easily find a Bash tailored to their specific vertical and set of analytics requirements. Because of the scale that our cloud platform affords, these Bashes can be delivered quickly, to a high number of customers, and at a fraction of the historic cost. GoodData helps enable solution providers to monetize their domain expertise through deep collaboration and investments of business, technical, and platform resources. Once a Bash has been built, solution providers can choose to leverage the entire GoodData sales organization and our network of over one hundred referral partners to help massively increase reach.


What makes this all possible is the scalability of the GoodData platform. With over 6,000 customers, more than 10 billion rows of data processed each year, and 50,000 Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) transactions every day, our platform was built for massive scale. With RESTful APIs at GoodData’s platform’s core, an entire Bash (including it’s data model, metrics, reports, and dashboards) can be replicated with a single API call. An ETL graph can be deployed to our platform and scheduled to continually populate this model with another couple of calls. Spinning up new customers on a Bash really is as simple as carrying out a few programmatic calls.


We know that every customer is different, and that some may have requirements that go beyond what is included in a Bash. One of GoodData’s strong suits is the ease with which any project can be customized. We recently launched our data modeling and ETL tool, CloudConnect. Using this tool (provided at no cost to GoodData’s customers and partners) any specific instance of a Bash can have its data model altered and ETL reconfigured without breaking any metrics, reports, and dashboards not dependent on the change. If customers have additional fields, objects, or data sources they want to report on, these can easily be added into their Bash to extend its functionality. In these cases, the Bash acts as a starting point. They not only get the customer most of the way there, but also help inform any discussions around additional requirements, thereby keeping services work focused and on target.


is our tool for building GoodData projects. Download it now.

To see an example of what our Solution Provider partners have built on the GoodData platform you can watch our partner Covali, specialists in ERP integration, showcase their new ERP Sales and Margins Bash here.

To find out more about signing up as a GoodData Solution Provider, and leveraging GoodData’s platform to deliver your analytics expertise, contact us at

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